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Sat, Nov 10, 2007

Tha mi à Glaschu (I am from Glasgow)

Tha mi a’dol a Ghlaschu (I am going to Glasgow)

The same letter, a, for both meanings. With an accent, it means “from”. Without an accent it means “going to” and lenites the following noun.

If the noun contains the article then a combines with it to form dhan:

An Gearasdan : Tha mi a’dol dhan Ghearasdan (I am going to Fort William). The noun is still lenited.

a will lenite any lenitable consonant but dhan doesn’t lenite nouns beginning with d or t and prefixes s with t-:

Tha mi a’dol dhan dorus (I am going to the door) Tha mi a’dol dhan talla (I am going to the hall) Tha mi a’dol dhan t-seòmar (I am going to the room)

a combined with a plural article becomes dha:

Tha mi a’dol dha Na Hearadh (I am going to Harris)

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