winter is back

Fri, Feb 1, 2008

Woke up to horizontal snow this morning and it’s been a screaming gale all day. Nipped out during one of the lulls to chop up the last of the wood. Must order some more. Got an email from work saying the roads to Inverness and Fort William were closed. I think there was an accident due to the drifting snow.

There’s tons of it about. It’s the wind that’s the problem though, filling in the roads as soon as the ploughs go past. Getting dark now and the blizzards have returned after some hazy sunshine. It’s like Siberia outside! The robin is in sheltering in the lee of the house, gobbling up the bread we threw out. Not a lot else is moving. The cattle up the road are trying to shelter as best they can. They’re not like the hardy highland cattle and I sometimes wonder how they put up with such atrocious weather. The sheep are conspicuous by their absence too. Everything’s looking for shelter.

The forecast is for colder weather moving in and snow on the mountains all week. Looks like we’ve entered winter proper.

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