winter has returned

Fri, Feb 22, 2008

Jings, crivvens, help ma boab! Winter has returned to the highlands after the fortnight of superb weather. I was returning from a meeting in Stornoway, with the ferry rolling its way over the Minch but with the gale force winds coming from the west it wasn’t too bad a journey. I stopped off at the Loch Glascarnoch dam for a wee walk to stretch the legs and despite the violent wind and battering hail/sleet/snow, it was remarkably calm on the dam as the wind was forced up and over by the sheer sides. On the way up I’d stopped here for a walk and watched a raven collect nesting debris. No sign of it today though. I can see why!

Also noticed the Cairngorm AWS feed:

Cairngorm AWS 21/2/08

Coming back through Strath Bran, I noticed several knolls had “sheep drifts” on their lee slopes. A dozen or so sheep were sheltering from the horizontal sleet behind each knoll and the loch was boiling with great clouds of vapour ripped off the surface and twisted and flung high into the air. A wild day indeed.

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