winter still approaching

Thu, Oct 2, 2008

We didn’t get the snow to 850m yesterday and neither did we get the forecasted gales, although this morning the big sign at Broadford was flashing CANCELLED for the Armadale ferry. Not sure why as the Sound of Sleat is like a millpond and it’s a beautiful sunny morning. Perhaps it’s too nice to sail and everyone’s just hanging out, admiring the views. Having said that, there was a fisheries boat in the Sound as well as the Hebridean Princess, just sort of hanging around, so perhaps there is some weather on the way. There were also a fair few deer at the top of the road this morning, which is a rare occurrence so perhaps there is indeed weather on the way.

Storm over Broadford Bay

I took the above picture a couple of days ago on the way for a hairycut in Broadford, with an impressive storm heading in from the north. It’s funny how the anticipation of change sets the blogs off (including this one!). The blogaromoter is showing storm too, with PTC* and Dave Macleod talking about it and the Cairngorm blog confirming the arrival of winter in the east. As Scott of the Orion MC said, there’s prolly someone tooling up as we speak, to grab the first winter route of the season. Torquing a rock route in the ‘gorms to reach a blob of snow.

A little further afield, winter is approaching on Mars too, which has a similar axial tilt to Earth, so is heading into winter in the northern hemisphere too. There’s an evocative account of the approaching winter on this blog with the temperature rising to no higher than -120degC. The plucky Pheonix Lander might not make it through the Martian winter but what an experience. As I write this, it’s 2pm on Mars with the temperature a bracing -90degC. I wonder if it’ll be a white Christmas on the red planet.

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