winter forecast 20089

Tue, Oct 21, 2008

It’s a raw day at the eBothy today with strong south-westerlies and snow down to around 1500 feet. There was a dusting this morning but it’s been snowing up there all day by the looks of it. There’s another storm on the way for Thursday and the Met Office have published their winter forecast for 20089. You can read it here. Looking back over my weather posts, the last couple of years have more or less started the same, with early snow around end of September, early October with not much else after that, except last year when we had mega-dumps which didn’t consolidate. This year feels different so far though, with more traditional weather in evidence. Prolonged snowfall and gale force winds with torrential rain lower down. The Met Office are saying it’ll be another above average temperature winter this year although less mild than last year’s, which feels about right so far. I notice the Cairngorm AWS has started working again - see the widget on the right of the page so I’ll be keeping an eye on the ‘gorms weather as it tends to get rather interesting in winter. With storm force winds and more snow forecast, it’ll be great to get out on the hill this weekend!

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