wild weather indeed

Thu, Oct 23, 2008

I posted yesterday about the approaching storm and today it arrived in full force. The telly reported 88mm (3 inches) of rain down the road at Lusa and we’ve been battered all day by storm force winds. Stornoway had 75mph and it’s looking like they might get 100mph tomorrow. The rain has just been phenomenal and at one point the entire world disappeared as a violent burst of weather swept in from the south west and blew the top off the chimney, which ended up about 30 feet away. It’s still wild at the moment and it’s quite exciting listening to the roar of the gale through the trees.

I’ve been following the West Highland Way wanderings of Mick and Gayle and Duncan, who have all been hit hard by the weather. It’s now time to really batten down the hatches. We’ve got a brief spell of calmer weather tomorrow but it’s going to ramp up again tomorrow evening, with more 100mph winds, thunder on Sunday and then deteriorating into significant accumulations of snow across the highlands most of next week.

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