another storm on the way 2

Thu, Jan 15, 2009

“O mo chreach” as they say in these here parts (equivalent of OMG!). Saturday night is looking like time to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. From MWIS:

“Significant risk of extreme conditions setting in suddenly,  with any mobility widely impossible”

Mean wind speed is going to be 60-90mph! That’s MEAN wind speed. The gusts will be far in excess of that. This illustrates the increased danger from the weather in winter. The mountain forecast is saying the wind will more or less appear from nowhere, after a calm day and making all movement on the hills virtually impossible. So make sure you don’t delay on the top. I was caught in similarly bad weather on Blaven last winter but it was only gusting 60-70 and that was pretty wild. That time, the wind literally came out of nowhere.

Chart for January 17th 2009

I’ll update this post from the eye of the storm!

UPDATE 17/1/09 15:50 Wind started around 15:20, rain as well, after hail and thunder this morning. Cairngorm 89mph at tunnel mouth, 101mph on summit, Stornoway gusting to about 37mph: Real time conditions from Point, Isle of Lewis. Ullapool 45mph gusts, real time conditions from Ardmair Point. Real time conditions, Skye: Carbost, Staffin, Dunvegan, Elgol wind not particularly strong just now. Pressure and temperature falling.

UPDATE 17:50 Around 16:15 the weather deteriorated with the wind rising and pretty grim conditions outside with driving rain. Gusts slowly rising, 40 on Lewis, 49 at Ardmair, 46 at Dunvegan. Lusa doesn’t seem to report gusts. It says SE 10mph but the slates are starting to rock ‘n roll! Even as I write this the wind has started roaring. They’re forecasting 100mph for Skye and the Western Isles. Batten those hatches!

18:26 Dunvegan in the lead with 49.1mph gust. Not much yet, although it’s getting difficult to hear the telly over the noise of the slates and wind!

18:36 Dunvegan and Ardmair (Ullapool) both over 50mph gusts now. Point (Stornoway) still lagging at only 40!

18:56 Skye bridge closed to high sided vehicles. Been that way for at least an hour. Dunvegan up to 54mph.

19:19 Dunvegan almost 60mph now. Ardmair 53. Interestingly, Londonderry is 60mph. Elgol is only 30mph and Stornoway 40. They’re forecasting 95mph for Mallaig by 21:00

19:42 Kessock bridge at Inverness closed to high sided vehicles now. Dunvegan pulling ahead with 64mph. Point up to 43. Still got a fair bit to go yet.

20:22 Hotting up. Dunvegan 69, Point 56, Elgol 50.

20:52 Dunvegan 85mph. Point 68. Elgol 51. It’s gone quiet here.

21:22 Looks like that’s it. Dunvegan peaked at 84mph at 20:36. Point is 68 max gust. Elgol is 54mph, which didn’t beat the max gust down there, of 55mph on 11/1/09. Wind has abated here. Not much rain either.

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