the skylark the bee and the tourist bus

Fri, Mar 20, 2009

It’s spring indeed. Yesterday, while cycling to work across the Sleat moorland I passed under the first skylark of the year, up here anyway. The gorse is starting to bloom and I also met the first bee of the year, buzzing merrily along the side of the house as I basked in scorching sunshine. Very very hazy and a chill westerly, turning northerly. I gave Dawn a lift to Kyle to get the train to Inverness at 5:30 and what a sight greeted us. The half moon was bathing his face in the light from the invisible sun. It really gave you a perspective on our place in the solar system. Two planets already warming in the rising sun, although in reality it never sets up there. On the way back a vertical bar of red rose high into the dawn sky behind the hills, heralding the arrival of the spring sun and the beginning of a warm and very pleasant day. There isn’t a drop of snow to be seen anywhere. The hills are turning green and the grass is starting to grow. The forecast is for northerly gales over the coming week though, with snow to low levels and yesterday I also saw the first tourist bus of the year, trundling up from the ferry.

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