snowed in again

Tue, Dec 22, 2009

Snowed in twice in a week! This is the frozen north, it usually doesn’t snow that much as we’re on the coast but snowed in again we are! Couldn’t ask for a better view though.

Beinn Sgritheal from Skye

The gritter comes around 11am during the week and it’s about an hour later my old car can manage the road, so that’s midday. Nicer to just bum around with a real coffee and feed the birds.

Beinn na Seamraig

Lot of snow on the other side of “the wall”, you know, Hadrian’s one. Dawn reports lots of ice from the southern regions where the rellies dwell. Some folk are spending 14 hours in their cars on the motorways down there. Should be able to get up a big hill soon as there’s meant to be a low level thaw approaching Christmas but will leave plenty of the white stuff on the tops!

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