hunting the hunter

Fri, Jan 8, 2010

Inspired by Steph’s picture of Orion and prodded by him to get out and do something, I headed out into the frozen night to track down An Sealgair Mor (The Great Hunter), Orion. First I needed to find out how to set the long exposure on the camera, a simple Canon PowerShot A560, using this page. So following Steph’s 10s exposure, I caught Orion rising over the distant glow of Mallaig in the SE. Back inside I messed with the lighting levels in Photoshop Elements to come up with this:


The bright star on the far left is Procyon in Canis Major

Then I managed to get The Pleiades too:

Orion and The Pleiades

with Aldebaran between the two. Sirius wasn’t yet above the horizon or it was lost in the eerie glow of Mallaig. Next up was The Plough:

The Plough

I was amazed with what I could do with a wee digital camera and very little Photoshop know-how. In fact, the lighting levels were the first settings I messed with and it looks gorgeous! I think the Moon may be next.

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