completely confused about anquet

Fri, Mar 23, 2012

Recently I got an email from Anquet telling me about Outdoor Map Navigator Pro (OMN) and the ‘cloud’, which came as a bit of a shock as I had no idea what was happening to my digital maps. I use Anquet v06 but apparently it’s on the way out, although they say it will be supported but for how long I don’t know. I already have maps in the ‘cloud’ bought from their map store so I don’t know why they’re saying the new maps will move to the cloud. As far as I’m concerned they’re already there as they’re not on my computer. Apart from a couple of ‘local’ maps on DVD, the UK 1:50K and Cairngorms National Park 1:25K. However, apparently these DVD format maps are not compatible with OMN ‘cloud’ format and I’ll have to download the updated versions from the ‘cloud’. On a 1Mb connection? I don’t think so. But apparently the 1:50K is in ten sections so I can download them as and when required, so I don’t go completely over my bandwidth limit for the month and have to pay extra to my ISP.

The cost of this is 50 pounds if I do it now. That includes the v06 plugin that converts my v06 maps to OMN maps. That’s 50 quid to keep my maps from disappearing down the support toilet. Plus whatever extra charges my ISP lands me with if I go over my modest limit trying to get my DVD ‘cloudified’ maps back.

The next discombobulation I experienced was no longer exsts. It redirects to and they are touting an iPhone app. But I was under the impression another outfit were doing all the Mac stuff. Their site was so bad I gave up early on trying to get Anquet for OS X, especially when I found out I’d have to re-buy all my maps. So my head is spinning like a compass needle on a magnetic table. There are just too many options.

When there’s such a major perturbation in service such as this, it’s good practice to have a scenarios page. This allows users to identify their particular mess, such as having a mixture of online and DVD maps and having no idea what to do and the scenario takes them through a likely upgrade process. Instead I’ve been relying on their support email. It’s slow but friendly as ever and I am slowly reaching some sort of understanding of how to upgrade. I do think Anquet are by far the best map company. They have good deals from time to time and are always friendly and responsive to support requests. The support is rather slow but they do reply and the fact they’re always friendly keeps my business with them.

But I don’t need all the stuff OMN is touting. All that 3D gubbins and split maps and blah this and blah that. I just want maps and to be able to print them out. The GPS communication works just fine so I don’t need an improved one. In short, I’m not a ‘power user’. I’m just a lover of maps who needs to print them out now and again and upload a route to the GPS if I can be bothered. But I do love the cut your own Harvey 1:25K service. Those maps are just beautiful. The 1:40K ‘magic scale’ paper Mountain Maps don’t quite float my boat as the detail is small for ageing eyes but the Harvey’s are just superb. So for those alone, plus the sheer convenience of buying 1:25K chunks of far flung places such as the Cotswolds, not to mention having my lovely maps available from my phone, I’ll prolly part with the cash and upgrade.

Now if only they had a Mac version of OMN…

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