winter on ben aslak

Tue, Dec 11, 2007

I was feeling a bit “bleh” on Monday so instead of the south Glen Shiel ridge, or a part of it, I just bimbled up Ben Aslak and indulged in a bit of dusk navigation on the way back down.

Summit of Ben Aslak

A cold day on the summit with quite a lot of ice on the way up. I just plodded up from the mast, towards Beinn Bheag and then up past the lochan to the summit plateau about half an hour before sunset. I had the 1:25,000 with me so did a bit of “squiggles and bumps” on the way back down in the gathering dusk. While on the summit I keyed the gridref of the mast into the GPS and set a 10m proximity alarm. At about 420m I pulled it out and told it to find the mast and using its direction indicator page I followed its wild wanderings down to the mast and 10m from it, the GPS started bleeping. Not bad.

Beinn Sgritheall from Ben Aslak

I find the direction indicator a bit of a pain though as you have to be walking about 4kph for it to point in the right direction. If you stop, it stops working, it’s one of those ones. It worked in the end though.

You can see all the pics here.

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