a stravaig on the clee hills

Sat, Jan 5, 2008

Visiting rellies in Shropshire, I took the opportunity for a new year’s day traverse of Brown Clee Hill, from Abdon to Burwharton, before the Siberian weather that was forecast to hit the country on the 3rd. There was all sorts of talk of white hell across the UK but in the end it came to nothing. Just a few dumps of snow here and there that quickly melted.

I got dropped off in Abdon village and wandered up the quiet road to pick up the Shropshire Way traversing the west face of Abdon Burf, rising up into the clag. I was hoping it was just midland mist and I could get above it but in the end I was in it all day.

Clee Burf from Abdon Burf

Passing what looked suspiciously like otter poo at the start of the branch path to Abdon Burf, I wandered over the bog to the mess of masts on the summit, getting a quick view of Clee Burf before the cloud came down. After a natter with a local out for the day, I took a bearing down the south ridge, making for the bealach above The Five Springs. I was glad I’d brought the compass as I wanted to keep away from paths and without it, it would have been almost impossible to find the bealach without bouncing off various tree features and ups and downs. It was real Hound of the Baskervilles mist on the way down the ridge, could barely see my hand in front of my face and the deep heather and squelching bog made navving legs very short as I sighted from heather clump to clump.

Trees at summit Clee Burf

The summit of Clee Burf was clagged in but the path back through the trees was a very welcome contrast from the Cuillin scenery I’m used to! I followed various small paths down to the south of Big Wood to Burwharton and the Boyne Arms for a pint of Shropshire Lad.

You can see all the pics here.