red and white

Tue, Apr 8, 2008

This image came into my head when I heard “You know I’m no good” by Amy Winehouse. It was on a train from Southampton to Gatwick. I played the song over and over on the player and just fell into this dream…

It’s been a hard day. The limestone route long, hard and hot. I’m sunburnt, muscles ache and I feel the tiredness of a hundred years descend on me as I dump the gear in the flat. Make for the bar, I think to myself. Conversation to equal out the intensity of solo climbing. Backdrop of blue sea gone unnoticed all day, replaced with the minute scrutiny of overhanging rock. A world in miniature replaced every minute as I inched up the wall. Now I need to widen my mind, engorge experience of a different kind.

I walk down the steps, a nod to the dark suited man on the door, he opens it with a swing of his arm and I slide in. It’s dimly lit. Warm, stuffy and smoky. There’s no-one there save a dark form over by the bar. As my eyes adjust to the dim light, I notice a red headed siren watching me. I can barely make out her long red hair such is the light. The colour of dark red wine mixed with auburn. Long slender legs crossed, tapering to black stilletoes. Deep set eyes shadowed. The corner of her mouth raises slightly.

I breath deeply, slowly. I raise my head slightly, pause and glance at the floor then make my way to the bar. Leaning on the dark mahogany, I turn my eyes to follow the polished grain of the heavy wood, catching her reflection. Her pure white beauty takes me back to the burning limestone. A flash from the those shadows as, with a flick of her slender neck, she signals the barman, formless in the dim light, to emerge with a sparkling glass of gold. Talisker. Strong. Of mountain and rock. She has chosen well. I tip my glass and nod to the reflection.

A hint of a smile beneath those dark eyes. Let the night begin.

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