can we have some rain

Wed, May 28, 2008

I never thought I’d see the day I’d be scanning the long range forecasts looking for rain. Not to plan a dry trip into the hills but to actually look for rain! It hasn’t rained on Skye for 2 months now, more or less. A couple of heavy bursts about a month ago but apart from that, it’s been high pressure and easterly winds. That means the entire landmass of Scotland is hogging our rain!

It wouldn’t be a problem for some areas but our water supply comes straight off the hill into holding tanks. The neebs’ tank is leaking so they’re low on water as it is and the other neebs (holiday home though) are off our overflow, so they’ll be stuffed pretty soon. In fact, the whole village will be stuffed if it doesn’t rain soon. I’ve just heard on the grapevine that water lorries are on standby for Applecross. I should think Broadford will be OK as they are on mains but our village is entirely spring fed. It took 10 watering cans to keep the potted trees going the other day but we can’t keep that up if the spring stops and it’s looking pretty low at the moment.

There’s heavy rain advancing across the Cairngorms just now but it’s not predicted to get past Fort William and then it’s fine weather for the next week by the looks of it. The mid range forecast is rather “depressing”. Did I really just say that?

Monday 26 May 2008 to Sunday 1 June 2008 … Active weather fronts will bring significant rainfall to southern England and Wales early in the week before transferring their rainfall further north and west to Scotland…

it’s obvious that “north and west to Scotland” doesn’t include north west Scotland. However, hope is on the horizon?

Monday 2 June 2008 to Sunday 08 June 2008 … Low pressure will extend from Newfoundland to Norway allow associated fronts to drift into the northwest of Scotland, where rainfall amounts will be at least close to the seasonal average

seasonal average! heavy rain! We shall see, as they say in these here parts.

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