dog walker infestation

Sun, Dec 14, 2008

Went for my wee 10K run around the Leitir Fura loop today. Nice and cool with snow capped summits strangely shining under a thick blanket of altostratus. Must say, it was a bit of a pech after not having done it for a while but at least the dog walkers weren’t too bad this time. Just three pairs of them. The worst was the last, as I ran back towards the main road where the car was parked. I’m sure she called the dog “kraken”. It was one of those psycho-rug things. Equally at home festering itself senseless in front of the fire or chasing anything that moves. “Kraken, kraken, come HERE! I’m so sorry, he’s not normally like this”. I don’t suppose they get many people running past their fireplace. Well, ol’ Kracken was a dug’s baw away from getting a Walsh up his bahooky. The other dogs were big slobbery friendly things. Wagging their tails they make a beeline for you but are generally harmless and well trained. It’s the collie offshoots you have to watch. Tail down, blank expression, mouth closed. I was just waiting for the nip on the back of the ankle and Kracken would have needed reconstructive surgery.

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