beag air bheag on an stac

Mon, Oct 25, 2010

As the Gaelic saying goes, “Beag air bheag” or “little by little”. I’m still under the influence of the Dreaded Lurgoid Invasion Force and a bit shaky/sweaty although it seems to be calming down under the influence of the Great Hammer of Antibiotica! So today, it was a little further, heading up the Blaven path and hanging a left in the coire for An Stac, at 535m, the biggest hill I’ve been up in ages! Fitness today was quite good really. An hour from the car to the Lunch Boulder without even stopping. Some hot ginger and banana and then 20mins to the top of An Stac. It was a really cold day though. Lots of low cloud, ochre tones and the roar of 40mph winds and waterfalls from the coire. An absolutely fantastic day to be out. I thoroughly enjoyed being blasted around on the final steep scramble to the top. The picture below is of the coire on Blaven, where the tourist route heads off up to the right. You can see the Lunch Boulder in the middle, a great spot to get shelter from any wind.

Looking across the coire on Blaven from An Stac

An Stac from the boulder is a nice bimble across the coire and up some steep grass and gabbro above some seriously impressive gullies which look good for winter routes.

An Stac

Just love the colours at this time of year and the imagination can run wild in a place like this with the summits cloaked in mist.

Looking towards Sgurr nan Each from An Stac

Glad I made the effort. In fact I even felt like going up Blaven on the way back! Dinna push it laddie though!

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