the first snows on the cuillin

Mon, Nov 15, 2010

I’ve been laid low with some sort of virus for ages lately but it’s started to wear off and so, with a bright sun rising over the white Knoydart hills, I headed out for my favourite hill, Blaven. I’ve been up there loads of times and I didn’t fancy a long drive anywhere so Blaven it was, to greet the first snows of the winter.

Blaven across Loch Slapin

I was surprised at how fit I still was, even after such a long layoff and was soon plodding up the tourist path and into loose powder snow. It really is a plod at first but once you’re past the scree gully it opens out and the best route is to stick to the edge of the broad access ramp. So I was plodding up there and reached the top of the grade II gully and was stopped dead in my tracks by the clarity of the light. I could almost reach out and touch Clach Glas.

Clach Glas from Blaven

and what was that peeking out round the corner? Sgurr nan Gillean!

Sgurr nan Gillean from Blaven

and the view of Bruach na Frithe and Sgurr nan Gillean was even better from the summit!

Bruach na Frithe and Sgurr nan Gillean from Blaven

The Cuillin from Blaven

All in all a superb day out!

You can view all the pics here.

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