coruisk revisited

Mon, Jun 4, 2012

Had a nice weekend away with the Gaelic mountaineering club from the college at the Coruisk hut. We went in on the Misty Isle Boat Trips vessel and they were really really nice. The owner’s father actually built the Coruisk hut and his son gave us some tales on the way over. A thoroughly decent bunch all round.

Sgurr na Stri and the Cuillin from Elgol

I had a late night wander round to Loch Coruisk and played among the gabbro slabs and crags until dark and then lay on a nice slab down by the shore and listened to the wind in the grass. It was a lovely wee stravaig. On the way back to the hut the moon reflecting in the Scavaig river reminded me of the light from my paraffin storm lamp I used to use when I first started stravaiging more than thirty years ago. It’s amazing how memories from long ago just come flooding back prompted by something as simple as moonlight on water.

Sunset over Loch Coruisk

Next day the girls were headed for the Dubhs Ridge but as I’d climbed it last year it was a day for catching up with old friends as some had come along on their way north. So it was a jaunt up Sgurr na Stri.

The Cuillin from Sgurr na Stri

A leisurely plod to the loch, then another up the path before breaking out right onto the open hillside and enjoying the grippy slabs to the summit and the best view of mountains and sea you’ll ever see.

The Cuillin and Isle of Rhum from Sgurr na Stri

Blaven and Camasunary from Sgurr na Stri

There was even a new take on Camasunary.

Camasunary from Sgurr na Stri

The Inn Pinn was quite prominent too.

Sgurr Dubh Mor and the Inn Pinn from Sgurr na Stri

The Innaccessible Pinnacle from Sgurr na Stri

All in all a really nice weekend.

The Cuillin from Sgurr na Stri

You can see all the pics here.

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