penguins 100th

Fri, Jun 15, 2012

Had a grand day out on Wednesday with Penguin, my oldest pal, when we went up Ben Wyvis and his 100th Munro.

An Cabar

‘Twas a day of contrasts. Quite mild low down but pretty damn cold up top.

Penguin on Ben Wyvis

I’m sure there’s something philosohpical, symbolic or metaphorical in this picture!

Two old pals on Ben Wyvis

The highlights of the day were the Ring Ouzel calling from a rock and the eagle that we almost missed while discussing the emerging philosophy of mindfulness. Ironic or what! Those plus the fantastic streamers of cloud that boiled from the ridge. Not to mention the four seasons in one day as we had hail and snow showers on the summit.

Penguin on Ben Wyvis

Yes, ‘twas a grand day out indeed.

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