penguins 101st

Fri, Jun 15, 2012

Fired up with Wednesday’s ascent of Ben Wyvis, myself and Penguin headed over to Achnasheen and Fionn Bheinn, his 101st Munro. He was fair chuffed at getting out on the hill two days in a row and we decided to leave a car at the start of the old stalkers’ path goes over to Loch Fannich, crossing the east ridge of Fionn Bheinn high up on the way. It’s just a pity the local landowner has decided to destroy the environment around Achnasheen. How on earth do these people get permission to build such eyesores?

Scar above Achnasheen

But it was a lovely walk up the grassy path although it was a fair bit colder than the day before on Ben Wyvis.

The old stalkers' path up Fionn Bheinn

And it happened again. We were deep in discussion about mindfulness and being in the moment and observant, almost missing an eagle again! Perhaps it was the same one we saw on Wyvis but we did stop to watch a pair of Golden Plover call to each other across the heath.

Golden Plover

It’s a wonderful route up the hill, much better than the plod straight up from Achnasheen, with wonderful views of the Fannichs. Superb walking on short grass before popping out on the summit in a very cold wind.

Penguin on Fionn Bheinn

A passing crane fly took a liking to the Rock’s Ginger in the flask.

Crane fly lapping up Rock's Ginger

Another wonderful day on the hill

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