tramping on ben klibreck

Mon, Jun 2, 2014

Exploring the far north with my oldest pal Penguin, we met up in Inverness on the Monday and drove up to just beyond the Crask Inn, dumped the car and hit the hill.

The forecast for the week wasn’t great and by the time we reached the balcony path that skirts the slopes towards the main summit ridge, the cloud was thick and the rain was torrential. Monsoon even, it was so heavy.

We were in and out of the cloud all the way, with not a lot to see until it began to clear on the way back, when we spotted an eagle circling high above, covering the blue distance to Ben Hope.

It eventually cleared to a beautiful evening as we tramped down the green hillsides, getting back to the car around 9:30pm.

What an evening it was on the hill though. A golden plover haunted the quite slopes and bade us farewell and good luck on our next objective, Ben Hope.

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