tramping on ben hope

Mon, Jun 16, 2014

Hot foot from Ben Klibreck on the Monday night, we searched in vain for spot I’d camped at by the loch shore nine years ago. In the end we plumped for a nice spot just off the road under the trees but eventually had to abandon the attempt to put up the tents due to the midges. I’ve never seem that many before. I could barely breathe at times they were so thick and I stumbled around choking and coughing, watching Penguin get madder and madder as he couldn’t get his tent up and get out of the swarm.

In the end we had to camp in the Ben Hope car park which had the only breeze around and even then, not that much. But at least we could get the tents up largely unmolested. In the morning we were woken by the rumble of cattle running along the road a couple of feet from the tents!

Another dreich ascent of low cloud and rain, as per the forecast.

The worst of the rain was on the descent when the monsoon started again and thoroughly drenched us. Add to that the unbelievable erosion and it wasn’t a particularly nice experience.

It’s been nine years since I last climbed Ben Hope and I don’t remember the erosion being that bad. I suppose, because Ben Hope is so ‘remote’, it gets little attention from the landowners and it’s in a sorry state. I’d happily donate to a path repair fund if one existed.

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