in praise of the cycle commute

Fri, Jul 11, 2014

I’ve managed to get a GoPro the other month and been playing around with it. It’s on a vented helmet strap and to make sure it’s angled properly I connect over wifi and preview it on the phone as it has no viewfinder. I’ve also got a headstrap and a great wee doofer that slots onto your rucsack strap. Looking forward to making mountain films next.

I like this first attempt as it, for me, captures the freedom of the open road. The spirr of the chain, the wind in your face, the utter freedom to go where you want, stop where you want and go whatever speed you can manage in the conditions. Everything you need in a bag on the back. I’ve been mountaineering for 30 years but cycle touring for almost 40 and I absolutely love it. The bike really is, part of my psyche, who I am and who I always will be, I hope.

This is the 20 mile commute to work, on a not quite typical Skye morning!