On Caer Caradoc

Mon, Jan 4, 2016

Being in Shropshire over the ho ho holidays, I had a chance for a bimble up Caer Caradoc above Church Stretton. So parking in the layby just north of the town, I squelched across the sodden fields and up into wonderful countryside.

The Long Mynd from Caer Caradoc

The paths were liquid mud and the ground was saturated lower down, which made for tough walking, just trying to stay upright but once I broke out onto the bealach I had superb views of The Lawley across the valley.

The Lawley from Caer Caradoc

It’s a stiff climb onto the summit and the wind was screaming in across the beautiful Shropshire hills, with Church Stretton nestled under the Long Mynd.

Church Stretton from Caer Caradoc

Church Stretton from Caer Caradoc

A raven played in the gale force, freezing wind and up here I was only about 150m short of the montane environment and it certainly felt like snow, although the sun blazed from a clear sky.

Church Stretton from Caer Caradoc

Down the north ridge and back round the sheltered side of the hill on the very muddy path with the roar of the A49 taking traffic up to Shrewsbury ever present in the woods. Even on the summit the roar of traffic fills the valley and the views but I just love this part of the country.

Back at the car I had to stop as the farmer drove his sheep straight up the same A49! A grand day out it was.

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